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Kaplan International Pathways

About Kaplan International Pathways

About Kaplan International Pathways

Who we are

Our company is a leading provider of global education, centred around you. Whoever you are, and wherever you are in the world, our goal is to help you achieve your goal.

We offer a range of study options, including degree preparation and direct admission, helping students to receive a life-changing education. Our partnerships with over 40 universities worldwide create wonderful opportunities for students, education agents, sponsors and more.

We believe that a global education can still be personal. We want to help you follow your path, your way.


Where we’ve come from

Kaplan was founded in 1938 by educational pioneer Stanley Kaplan. Stanley initially wanted to go to medical school but was rejected because of ethnic quotas – a sad feature of education in that era. This discrimination left a lasting impression on him, and he eventually conceived a test that was fair in order to allow students to enrol based on merit alone. In the 1940s, Stanley’s fledgling education business began to thrive, and his success led to the creation of a whole new industry.

Today, Kaplan International Pathways guides more than 20,000 students to university each year. Our strong partnerships with universities in the UK, USA and Australia have opened up amazing educational opportunities to students from across the globe. However, there’s always more to do, and we look forward to carrying this spirit into the future.

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Founded in 2005

more than a decade of student success

Over 20,000 students

choose to study with us each year

How we think

During the decades since Stanley devised his test, the company has changed and grown so much. But we still remember exactly why he began his business, and have continued his passion for fair education, available without prejudice.

Education really does change people’s lives for the better, and we love having a role to play in this process. From helping students find the right university, to building ultra-modern student accommodation and more, we’re constantly working with that ideal in mind.

But, back to basics, our thinking is simple: it’s all about relationships. From our great work with universities, to a student being inspired by their teacher, relationships form the foundation of everything we do. We try our best to form fantastic, meaningful relationships at every level. With strong relationships, we can overcome any challenge.


How we’re set up

As an education provider, we’re proud of our long track record of investing in education. But we’re not alone. There are other members of the Kaplan International family, outside of Kaplan Pathways. Though each is different, they are all united in their overall goal: to enrich students’ lives through education.

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