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Kaplan’s work with sponsors

Sponsor a student with Kaplan

If you want to sponsor a student to study at university abroad, Kaplan can help. Our specially tailored pathway courses allow hundreds of sponsored students to prepare for and progress to university in the UK and USA every year.

Your students will be fully prepared to succeed at university, and equipped with the knowledge and skills that make them highly valuable assets to your organisation. You’ll have a dedicated point of contact, and you’ll receive regular progress reports.

See how you can grow and develop your organisation by supporting students in a fantastic education.

Hear what sponsored students have to say

Mubarak from UAE

Ligia from Angola

Foundation Certificate student at University of Brighton International College

What I like most about UBIC is the friendly staff. They are always patient and keen to help. I didn't need to worry about sending documents and reports to my sponsor because the College did it for me. They would deal with any problems directly with my sponsor, so I could just concentrate on my studies.

Mubarak from UAE

Mubarak from UAE

Foundation Certificate student at University of Brighton International College

I feel my time in the College has been the best in my life so far! UBIC is a friendly place that provides you with lots of support, and as a sponsored student, I have regular meetings with the sponsor liaison officer here. She is so friendly and helpful, we can discuss anything I need to.

Nahomi from Ecuador

Nahomi from Ecuador

Foundation Certificate student at University of Glasgow International College

I have made so many friends here, from other countries like China, India and Saudi Arabia — you get to lean more about many other cultures. There is also special help for sponsored students, so every time I need documents sent to my government I can ask the staff. They have helped me a lot.

Dedicated sponsor support and services

These are just some of the dedicated services you can expect to enjoy when you sponsor a student with us:

  • Expert advice from professionals: to guide you and your students through the application process, helping you to choose the best options.
  • One dedicated point of contact: all communications come through one person who’ll be on hand whenever you need them, and will take care of most administrative matters.
  • Sponsor visits to university partners: you’ll have the opportunity to visit our university partners, so you can see the facilities and meet the staff for yourself. If you prefer, we can meet you in your country, too.
  • Sponsored student support in every college: a designated sponsor liaison in each study centre will introduce themselves to sponsored students within the first weeks of term and will maintain regular contact throughout their course.
  • Tutorial support: one-to-one tutorial support at our colleges is tailored for each individual student’s needs, maximising their potential for university success.
  • Regular updates: dedicated staff will carefully monitor students’ attendance, welfare and academic performance, and you’ll receive updates on all aspects of your students’ progress. If there’s an issue, we’ll let you know immediately.
  • Academic reports: you’ll receive a minimum of two academic reports per term, as well as an end of programme report, letting you know if your student has progressed to university. If they need to repeat a term or re-sit any exams, you’ll be notified right away and no decisions will be made without your approval.

Sponsors we work with

We work closely with a wide range of government and corporate bodies around the world. Our sponsor partners include:

  • Higher Education Institute of Qatar
  • Kuwaiti Cultural Attaché
  • Oman Cultural Attaché
  • Qatar Defence Attaché
  • Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau
  • Saudi ARAMCO (Saudi Arabian national petroleum and natural gas company)
  • SENESCYT (Ecuadorian government sponsor)
  • Sonangol (state-run Angolan oil and gas company)
  • United Arab Emirates Military Attaché

Work with us

If you would like to sponsor a student to study an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, click on the link below to see how we can help you support a student into a great education and fantastic career.

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