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Prerana from India - student testimonial

Prerana from India

is following her path to a bachelor’s degree in Architecture at Arizona State University in the USA

There are many reasons why I chose ASU including its great reputation, flexible curriculum and beautiful campus. My professors understand that I come from a very different educational background and are supportive as I find my way through my career. ASU is really helping me get to where I want to be.

Indian student Pathways agent

Karl from India

is following his path to a bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Pace University in the USA

It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago, I was packing my bags and hoping to find success. So far,  Pace University and New York City have worked in perfect unison,  throwing me opportunities I could never have imagined. Everything I've been privileged to experience has come with its fair share of trade-offs - being away from home and adjusting to being responsible for everything, but my plan is to take the momentum I’ve gained and the experiences I’ve had to launch my dreams to even greater heights!

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Mara Colombia University of Liverpool international student

Maria from Colombia

is following her path to a bachelor's degree in Business Management at the University of Liverpool in the UK

My pathway course really helped me to settle down and meet friends that were in the same situation. On the academic side, my course gave me a lot of basis for my degree, and also helped me get used to the UK system. Now I'm at university, I've enjoyed getting to know a lot of international people, but also those from the UK – I really like the diverse environment. My advice would be: focus on your studies and having a good time, and take advantage of every opportunity given to you!

Rustam Azerbaijan University of Westminster international student

Rustam from Azerbaijan (with his proud mother!)

followed his path to a bachelor's degree in Law at the University of Westminster in the UK

On my pathway course, I learnt about political science, sociology and history, as well as general legal practices in the UK and the European Union. All of this gave me a broad knowledge base that I went on to expand during my degree. I also improved my analytical skills, and learnt how to work in a team, communicate effectively, and carry out research. Studying abroad allowed me to experience a totally different culture, learn a new language, expand my horizons and, most importantly, broaden my professional network.

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Fahad from Saudi Arabia

Fahad from Saudi Arabia

followed his path to a bachelor's degree in International Marketing at the University of Westminster in the UK

The best thing about studying abroad was that I was exposed to so many cultures and amazing people who helped shape me into the person I am today. I gained professional connections and met people who I truly consider to be friends for life.

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Mauro from Angola

Mauro from Angola

followed his path a bachelor's degree in Business Management at Cass Business School - part of City, University of London - in the UK

Coming to Kaplan, you know that there are other people who are also from an international background, and that is extremely useful because it gives you the opportunity to meet people with different mindsets and people who have different life experiences.

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